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    Snap your receipt using your phone camera

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Receipt Requirements

Ensure that your purchase proofs meet the relevant requirements needed for successful cashback processing


Cashback in Any Category

Food & Beverage

Food Delivery




Merchants Accepted

* The list of merchants accepted are non-exhaustive
* Savee accepts ALL purchases from any merchant
* Businesses displayed are not merchant partners

Savee Rewards



Maximising Your Cashback

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Upload your purchases as fast as you can after payment to get the highest reward level!

The True Cashback App

Stack Savee’s Cashback with any shop’s promotions you have. Cashback everywhere, Savee anytime.

Sharing is Caring

Refer your family members to sign up to get the highest cashback for life on Savee!

Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Stack Savee’s Cashback with any of your Credit Card and Payment wallet Rewards now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Users can expect to receive their cashback within 60 Days if the order has fulfilled all terms & conditions as deemed valid by Savee.

Our friendly represent Evee on WhatsApp will get back to you within 14 business days for your verification.

In the meantime, you can continue to use Savee without any issues.

Unfortunately at this moment, we are only able to provide physical vouchers for most of the merchants.
However, we are surely working towards providing a wider variety and options for you to receive your vouchers.

We do not accept purchases that you have made before the day that you've joined the Savee platform to prevent the occurrence of fraud.

With our promise of delivering your voucher within 21 working days, a change in the delivery address would cause a delay in the delivery.
Therefore, currently vouchers will only be delivered to the address you have registered with Savee.

To protect all our users, cashback will not be qualified for any of the following reasons:

1. Receipt submitted is not clear and/or visible.
2 Receipt submitted does not capture all the requirements.
3. Receipt submitted is suspected of tampering.
4. An abnormal behaviour is detected by Savee’s system.

The minimum amount you need to cash out your cashback in the form of cash or vouchers is S$15.

Simply get them to sign up and register. Savee will match the residential address of your family members to yours to boost your tier.
*The boosted tier will start from the time your family member registers

In the cashback account, you may see the projected cashback amount obtained on each purchase uploaded.
This cashback is a projection only, and not the actual. Until Savee completes its processing will the actual amount be reflected.

1) Ensure you are accessing the Savee App via the Safari Browser only. Apple has blocked Google Chrome from being able to access a Web App's browser

2) Ensure your Apple Device is updated to the latest iOS as the Savee Web App works best on the latest operating system.

To have a better experience, download the Savee App from the App Store!

1) Ensure you are accessing the Savee App via the Google Chrome Browser only. The Web-App is optimized only for Google Chrome on Android Devices to provide users with the best reliability

2) Ensure your Android Device is updated to the latest OS as the Savee Web App can only access the camera on the latest operating system.

To have a better experience, download the Savee App from the App Store!

We are NOT affiliated with Shopback in any way. But we are inspired by Shopback's mission to bring savings to you, and we want to do our part to help every one out especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Any family member referred above the 2 required will still obtain the highest cashback levels of 2.5% cashback if they upload their purchases in the first 25 mins from the time of purchase.